The Pursuit of Your Story

I have an overwhelming (and perhaps obsessive) passion for stories. They create connection and, from the time we are young, inculcate us with the morals and concepts that shape our worldly paradigms. They deliver words that sometimes resonate for a lifetime and other times speak so perfectly to a specific moment that greater profoundness or brilliance isn’t necessary. And we all have them. Whether your story is inspirational, magical, comical, heavyhearted, unnerving, frightening, brutal, or any combination, you should tell it . . .

“Krysta Winsheimer is an amazing editor. She is timely, easy to work with and brings a passion that is unparalleled. Her prices are competitive and she provides all details upfront so there are no surprises. She has personally helped me with several aspects of my first book and even provided additional guidance and resources for publication going above and beyond and exceeding my expectations. Krysta is organized and thorough and I sincerely appreciated her intense attention to detail. If you have a project in your head or something that you need edited to really convey concise meaning and power . . . Krysta is definitely the way to go!”

Jennifer Crawford, Author of An Autism Adventure: The Not – So – Secret Diary

Writers’ Resources

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Starving artists, rejoice! If you need some financial assistance to give you time/space to write or to support your journey to publication, check out some of the grants listed on Funds for Writers: